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Grigsby School Principal
Donald W. Stratton


As we swing into October, the weather is cooling off, the leaves are falling as well as gumballs from the wretched Gumball trees.  The gumballs, although very annoying, do give a purpose to our students in the "Turning Over a New Leaf" program. 

We have begun serving Grab N' Go breakfast in the small gym in the mornings.  The number of students eating breakfast has increased substantially since we have split our breakfasts into a hot breakfast in the cafe' and a cold breakfast in the small gym. 

We believe that every situation gives us an opportunity for a "Teacheable Moment."  The crumbs and papers left in the small gym have given us an opportunity to begin our "Clean Sweep" program. 

Instead of giving students detention for some minor offenses they are given the opportunity to "work it off" in "Turning Over a new Leaf" or "Clean Sweep" in order to keep our building and grounds neat and clean.  

The Book Fair was extremely successful enabling the school to purchase hundreds of dollars woth of books for our library or for classroom libraries.  Grigsby's goal is to make our students "Life Long Learners."  One way to do that is by keeping reading materials, that interest them, in their hands.

Our Parent University was also met with great success.  We had almost 75 participants who enjoyed a presentation by Mrs. Myatt, our 6th grade social worker, a presentation by the Boy Scouts of America, a super-hero poster contest and the fabulous Book Fair.

Click on this link, Tape and Gift Wrapto see how you can be of a great help in a very special project that Grigsby Intermediate School has initiated.
With your support, we will continue to develop the very real gifts and talents of all of the students at Grigsby School. On behalf of the staff, we are energized and excited about the upcoming year and we look forward to working with your children! Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me or any of the staff if you have additional questions.


If a Child lives with CRITICISM.....He learn to CONDEMN

If a Child lives with HOSTILITY.....He learns to FIGHT

If a Child lives with RIDICULE.....He learns to be SHY

If a Child lives with SHAME.....He learns to feel GUILTY

If a Child lives with TOLERANCE.....He learns to be PATIENT

If a Chiild lives with ENCOURAGEMENT.....He learns to APPRECIATE

If a Child lives with FAIRNESS.....He learns JUSTICE

If a Child lives with SECURITY.....He learns FAITH

If a Child lives with APPROVAL.....He learns to like HIMSELF


Exciting things are happening in the 17-18 school year so be sure to check out the photo link at the bottom of the page!


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