Wilson 1st and 2nd Grade Center

Principal's Corner



Wilson School Principal

 Jack Schooley

Principal: Mr. Jack Schooley

Secretary: Mrs. Deena Busse

Office: 618-451-5817

Please inform the office by 9:00am

if your child will be absent.

8:10am - 2:25pm


Doors open at 7:15am.  If your child is going to eat breakfast at school, they need to get here by 7:30 am to ensure they have enough time to eat and not be tardy for class.


Important dates to remember

No School 
November 21st, thru 23rd for Thanksgiving
December  24th thru January 7th
Students return on January 8th 


If there is ever a cancellation of school you will be notified  via Phone,
Local News Channels, and our website GCSD9.net