Dress Code

Código de ropa/ vestirse

Granite City CUSD #9 encourages a standard in behavior, dress, grooming, and appearance that reflects pride in self, home, and school. Student dress should not disrupt the educational process or be a safety or health hazard. The purpose of this standardized dress policy is to improve the safety of the schools by discouraging gang affiliations, improve the learning environment by reducing distractions to the learning process, bridge socioeconomic differences among students, increase student’s self-respect and self-esteem, enhance student security, and enable a cost savings for families. This standardized dress policy allows students to focus on their academics rather than on peer pressure related to fads and/or costly attire. The Superintendent can amend this policy at anytime if circumstances deem it necessary.

  • General Rules - Color Scheme: Pants/Capri Pants, Skirts, Dresses: khaki, black, or navy blue Shirts: collared shirts -white, red, black, or navy blue
    • Pants/Capri Pants/Slack style, relaxed fit, “Docker” style shorts, skirts and dresses:
      • Must be a solid color (khaki, black, or navy blue)
      • Must be worn at waist level
      • No sweatpants/athletic pants/athletic shorts, pajamas, denim, leather, or stretch/spandex pants
      • Pants with stripes down the side of the pants are not permitted, they must be a solid color
      • Cargo pants and shorts are permitted
      • Knee length belted shorts “Docker” style of the designated color scheme will be allowed at the Middle Schools and High School
      • Elementary students may wear shorts in one of the available solid colors. The shorts must follow the finger tip rule – belts not mandatory
    • Skirts, Skorts, female attire (relaxed fit):
      • Must be a solid color (khaki, black, or navy blue)
      • Must be worn at waist level
      • Length must be at or below the knee
      • No denim, leather, stretch/spandex
      • Slits cannot rise above the knee
    • Shirts, Sweatshirts Dresses, Jumpers, Sweater, non-hooded Sweatshirt:
      • All attire must include a collar or collared shirt
      • Must be a solid color (black, red, navy blue, or white)
      • Layered shirts must both be one of the solid color choices
      • If shirt length is longer than bottom back pocket, shirt must be tucked in
      • Logos on shirts may be no larger than a half dollar with exception of GCSD Spirit Wear logos on shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters
      • Students will be allowed to wear school issued athletic uniforms
      • School sponsored clubs/activities must adhere to the standardized dress policy
      • Ties (for boys or girls) are optional
      • Shirts must have sleeves
      • Sweatshirts must be non-hooded
      • Turtlenecks may not be worn in lieu of a collared shirt
    • Belts/Suspenders
      • Must be a solid color (black, brown, navy blue)
      • Must be properly buckled and may not dangle
      • No wallet or belt chains allowed
      • Belt buckles must be free of advertisement and ornamentation
    • Shoes
      • All students will wear shoes or approved footwear
      • Shoes with laces must be tied
      • Shoes with a back or back strap must be worn at all times by elementary / intermediate school students
      • If boots are worn, the pants may not be tucked inside the boots
      • Socks are optional but if worn must be of one of the color options and free of decoration.
      • Roller skates, roller shoes, roller blades, or cleated footwear are prohibited
      • Heels should be appropriate height for various school activities and should not be potentiality unsafe for the wearer
  • Additional Requirements:
    • See-through apparel will not be worn, the appropriate and necessary undergarments must be worn and not shown
    • Clothing must cover the upper cleavage and the lower midriff torso at all times
    • Students may not wear or carry bandanas
    • No hats, headgear, or sweatbands in the building at any time. Exception will be announced by the Administration due to inclement weather.
    • Clothing that overhangs the heel or that is overly baggy is not permitted.
    • Clothing must be worn right-side out
    • In classes where certain machinery and equipment is operated, individual teachers will cover guidelines on proper dress for students, including hair length and proper protection
    • Hair must be clean, of natural color, without curlers and not distractive or disruptive to the educational process. No grooming items may be stored in the hair
    • Gang-related apparel (as defined by area police agencies) is not allowed at any time in school or at school events. Tattoos related to hate groups or which are sexual or violent in nature must be kept covered
    • Excessive or unnecessary makeup is not allowed. Makeup, perfume, and hairspray should not be applied in the classroom or cafeteria, it should be applied in restrooms or locker rooms only (Some people are allergic to these items; please respect their limitations.)
    • Medical and religious-related needs must be properly documented in the school office before administrative permission will be considered to alter this policy
    • Coats cannot be WORN in the classroom
    • Body jewelry other than items worn in the hair, on the hand, wrist, ankle or ear lobe, are not permitted. Body piercing is limited to the ear or ear lobe. No plugs are allowed.
    • Contact lenses must be clear or of a natural eye color/shape. Eye wear and sunglasses that may become a distraction to the educational process are prohibited.
    • Jewelry and other ornamentation are permissible except those espousing violence, obscenities, harassment, or that may be a possible hazard to the wearer or other students are not permitted. Large hoop pierced earrings are prohibited for the safety of the wearer
    • No ripped or torn clothing may be worn.
    Principals and District administrators have the final authority to determine what is acceptable and not acceptable under this dress code and may alter the policy to accommodate school spirit events.
  • Consequences
    • Elementary 7:160AP Page 3 of 3
      Warning for all students in agenda book, at opening day assembly or day of enrollment
      • 1st – Parent called to bring change of clothes
      • 2nd – Parent called to bring clothes, noon detention
      • 3rd – Parent called to bring clothes and schedule conference with principal, and three (3) day noon detention
      • 4th – Parent called to bring clothes; principal conference and 1/2 day ISS
      • 5th – Parent called to bring clothes; principal conference and 1 day ISS
      • All subsequent violations – will result in a progressive schedule of out of school suspensions. Truancy personnel may be contacted
    • Secondary
      Warning for all students in agenda book, at opening day assembly or day of enrollment
      • 1st - Parent contact, student placed in ISS until parents bring change
      • 2nd – Parent contact, student placed in ISS for full day
      • 3rd – Parent contact, students will be placed in 2 days ISS
      • 4th – Parent contact, students will be placed in 3 days ISS
      • All subsequent violations – will result in a progressive schedule of out of school suspensions. Truancy personnel may be contacted
    All consequences are subject to the discretion of the Building Principal.

Religious Exemptions
The parent or legal guardian of a student (or a student who is 18 years of age or older) may object to the student’s compliance with any portion of this Student Dress Code Policy based upon a sincerely held religious belief. In order to object, the parent or legal guardian (or student who is 18 years of age or older) shall submit a written statement which responds to the following questions:

  • What is the basis for the request for religious exemption?
  • What religious teaching, religious belief or religious practice prohibits compliance with this student dress code policy?

In addition, all written objections must be accompanied by a signed statement of either a religious official, (such as minister, rabbi, imam, or other) or another person who can verify the nature and good faith basis of the sincerely held religious belief. The Superintendent or his designee shall review all objections to the Student Dress Code Policy. Students with legitimate religious objections shall not be required to comply with those portions of the Student Dress Code Policy which conflict with such good faith, religious requirements. If the application for religious exemption is denied, the student applying for the exemption may appeal the determination to the Board of Education who will review the application and make a determination within 30 days of the appeal.

Financial Assistance
Students who cannot comply with the Student Dress Code Policy due to economic hardship may apply for
assistance. Economic hardship will be determined by administration. The Indigent Application is Student
Dress Code Policy Form 1.

> Adopted: 8/10/04
Revised: 5/26/09, 6/23/09, 6/29/2010, 7/11/2011

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