Denise Albrecht
Math Department

Mathematics Traditional Course Sequence

Freshman                     Sophomore              Junior                             Senior


Geometry 1A & 2A Algebra 3A & 4A  Pre-Calculus 1A & 2A Calculus 1AP & 2AP**


Algebra 1A & 2A   Geometry 1A & 2A → Algebra 3A & 4A →  Pre-Calculus 1A & 2A


Algebra 1 & 2Geometry 1 & 2  →  Algebra 3 & 4   →   Pre-Calculus 1 & 2 or Survey 1 & 2


Algebra Fundamentals & Algebra Concepts 1   →  Geometry Concepts 1 & 2 →  

Algebra Concepts 2 & Applied Algebra   →  Algebra 1 & 2


**1818 SLU Dual Credit Available

Recommended Calculators
*TI30X or equivalent scientific calculator (used in Algebra 2 course or higher as well as Geometry and Geometry Concept courses)


*TI84Plus graphing calculator or equivalent recommended for students enrolled in college prep math courses.  Strongly encouraged for students taking Pre-Calculus and Calculus


Department Staff

Denise Albrecht (Department Chair)                   Steve Knogl

Melissa Boushard                                                  Carl Luehmann

Brian Delp                                                               Debra Mills 

Christine Douglas                                                   Bill Puhse

Barry Grote                                                             John Venne

Kenneth Jackson                                                    Tim Wilson 



Useful Links

Khan Adademy - free site where you can search by concept for tutorial videos and extra practice, fee SAT practice also available

McDougal Littell Classzone - site aligned with majority of math textbooks; extra practice, practice quizzes/tests, and other resources available.

IXL - site with additional practice available by concept and grade, limited free practice.

College Board - information about SAT test including free full length practice test.

ACT - site regarding this assessment and online practice resources (for a fee).

Free ACT prep material