Physical Education

Jacob Janek
PE Department


Activities include the traditional team sports, combatives, dance, lifetime sports and personal development courses.  Personal development includes weight training and aerobics, jogging/ walking for fitness.  Each activity unit stresses the development of the basic skills with opportunities for testing the acquired skills and knowledge in written tests and game situations.  All appropriate classes are co-educational. All classes choose the activity in which they wish to engage (within the limits of available staff and facilities).  Activities include: touch football, basketball, soccer, and ping-pong.  Lifetime sports include: softball, tennis, volleyball, walking, etc.  



  1. Shirt - Plain white t-shirt with sleeves.  First initial and last name are to be indelibly marked, on TOP, FRONT half of shirt.  GCHS Warrior t-shirts in gray, red, black, or white are also acceptable. 
  2. Shorts - One color (red or black).   NO Spandex.  Sweatpants in red or gray are also acceptable.  
  3. White or black socks. 
  4. TENNIS SHOES required.


Department Staff
Jake Janek (Department Chair)
Ginger Harrison
Raffi Karibian
Jeff Ridenour
Ashley Swip