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Donald W. Stratton, Principal

In Light of these Current Events


We are trying to make things easier to access, so you don't even have to get out in order to have your student's work.  We are making every effort to follow the Gator Way by being responsible (maintaining social distancing), being respectful (staying at home unless it is absolutely necessary to be out), and above all being safe (washing hands or using antibacterial products).  Within this document there will be some hyperlinks that will direct you to specific subjects and assignments for both 5th Grade and 6th Grade.  Just click on the blue link and see where it takes you.  All of these files can be accessed with a smart phone or a computer.  I tried them all on my iPhone and they worked.  Let's start off with a video from all of our teachers greeting all of their students, Teacher Greeting. Here is another video from one of our favorite guests, Brandon Lee White, speaking on "Facing your Fears."  It really is pretty amazing.  Here are a couple of new videos from one of our social workers, Mrs. Brooks, with a message for parents.

Video 1

Video 2


If your student has instructions from their teacher, that they have supplied enough work until April 30th, then these lessons will not apply to you.


5th Grade


5th Grade Parent At Home Learning Guide

5th Grade Parent at Home Learning Guide for May

Week 1 - April 14

Week 2 - April 20

Week 3 - April 27

Week 4 - May 4

Week 5 - May 11

Week 6 - May 18 (Fun Activities)

Physical Education

5th Grade Music

5th Grade Music Weis


Mrs. Sykes' Students April 8 - 30 

Mrs. Sykes' Students May

Mrs. Jordan's ELA Students April 8-30

Mrs. Jordan's Science Students April 8-30

Mrs. Jordan's Math Students April 8-30

Mrs. Jordan's Social Studies Students April 8-30


6th Grade


6th Grade Daily Schedule April and May

Math Students

Language Arts Students

Science Students

Social Studies Students

Physical Education

Music for 6th Grade

6th Grade Music Weis


Recer/Igo/Bailey ELA Students

Recer/Igo/Bailey Math Students

Recer/Igo/Bailey Text Detectives April



Here are some helpful websites from our Social Workers.

If you would like to drop them an email for additional support, their email addresses are:

5th grade Social Worker

6th Grade Social Worker


Follow the Gator Way.....Follow the Gator WayFollow the Gator Way.....

Be Responsible,

Be Respectful 

Be Safe!



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