Early Childhood Program

Last Updated: 11/29/2022 2:11 AM

Preschool Program: Our program provides services which are research-based and promote emotional, physical, mental, and social well-being in young children.  We serve students ages 3-5 years; including those with special needs and those considered “at-risk”. Each classroom has one teacher and one paraprofessional.

We offer two sessions daily, Monday – Friday.  Our calendar closely aligns with the school district; however, we have some variation due to screenings and special events. 


Class Times: 
9:30–Noon (AM)
1:15-3:45 (PM)


If you are interested in the program please feel free to call and set up an appointment for your child to be screened or for more information.


Please call 618-451-5823 Option 1 


Birth-3 Prevention Initiative Program: (Partnership for Kids)  Through intensive case management, provided by three parent educators, this early intervention program offers families comprehensive support services relating to the development and nurturing of infants and toddlers.  Please call the office for additional information regarding this program 618-451-5823 Opt 2.


(For more information please click on the link below.)

Partnership for Kids


For more information,  please click on a link below:

Screening Information and Forms 

Early Childhood Newsletters 


Early Childhood Staff


Marci Dodds, Coordinator                    

Christy Gassett, Secretary


Birth to 3 
Lori Wicks, Lead Parent-Infant Educator
Debbie Foschiatti, Parent-Infant Educator
Patty Moussette, Parent-Infant Educator


Blue Team
Kristin Laws, Inclusion Teacher                                 Kalani Miller, Inclusion Assistant
Heather Ater, Inclusion Teacher                                Amanda Smith, Inclusion Assistant


Green Team
Liz Biewald, Inclusion Teacher                                   Kathy Robertson, Inclusion Assistant
Christi Counton, Inclusion Teacher                           Kim Bailey, Inclusion Assistant


Purple Team
Erica DiChristofano, Inclusion Teacher                   Rachel Bilyeu, Inclusion Assistant
Rhonda Nemsky, EC Teacher                                      Joi Wolfe, EC Assistant

Andrea Apperson, PreK Teacher                               Rebekah Loehr, PreK Assistant
Laura Coracy, CoTeacher


Red Team
Ann Jarrett-Mangiaracino, PreK Teacher                Leanne Clutts, PreK Assistant
Dakota Keller, Inclusion Teacher                               Teresa Horvath, EC Assistant                                        
Ann Smith, EC Teacher                                                Melia Rosenburg, EC Assistant


Cindy Akeman, Chris Canada – Speech Therapists
Rachel Clark, Elizabeth Vitale– Occupational Therapist
Karen Hatch, Katie Martin – Physical Therapists
Kari Sebastian – ECC School Psychologist



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