Special Education/Region I

The link is for parents to participate in the Indicator 8 Parent Involvement Survey: https://www.isbe.net/Pages/SPP-APR-Indicator-8.aspx.



NAME                                     TITLE PHONE  EMAIL
Micki Watkins Executive Director 618.451.5800 micki.watkins@gcsd9.net
Jill Relleke Supervisor 618.451.5800 jill.relleke@gcsd9.net
Stephanie Boyer Coordinator 618.451.5800 stephanie.boyer@gcsd9.net
Stacie Griggs Bookkeeper 618.451.5800 stacie.griggs@gcsd9.net
Sherry Lamb Records Secretary 618.451.5800 sherry.lamb@gcsd9.net
Lisa Dean Secretary 618.451.5800 lisa.dean@gcsd9.net
Kristina Sarich Secretary 618.451.5800 kristina.sarich@gcsd9.net