Mission Statement

Last Updated: 3/15/2022 12:16 PM

Our district is committed to providing a safe learning environment, which enables all students to develop intellectually, physically, morally, and emotionally to the very best of their abilities. This learning environment must offer students the opportunity to practice and adopt the principles, values, and ideals which will help them to become self-sufficient and effective citizens in today's democratic society. Our goal is to promote learning as a life-long process.


Goal 1:

Members of the District #9 professional staff will continuously strive to maintain curriculum aligned with state learning standards, while working to improve personal instructional skills that will lead to acceptable student performance on NCLB indicators.


Goal 2:

Members of the District #9 community will continuously review, improve and align educational and support programs / services to assist in each student's overall success.


Goal 3:

Members of the District #9 staff will continuously improve student and employee performance in a variety of measurable outcomes.

Goal 4:

Members of the District #9 community will continue to provide adequate facilities to improve the conditions of all existing facilities.


Goal 5:

Members of the District #9 leadership team will manage financial resources to support the growth and development of the district's mission.


Goal 6:

Members of the District #9 community will continuously work to improve the relationship between the schools and the home-community in order to strengthen the learning environment.

We Believe That:

  • Children are at the foundation of every thought we have, every decision we make, and every action we take.
  • We have high expectations for the success of all students.
  • All children can learn, albeit at different rates and to different levels, with appropriate assistance.
  • Education is a people business; therefore, developing good relationship is key.
  • Communication is vital for success.
  • Decisions should always be made based on data.
  • The District's Curriculum and instruction is linked to the state's learning standards and is research-based.
  • Continuous, focused professional development results in highly-effective staff members.
  • Highly-effective teachers and school leaders, as well as trained support staff, results in increased student achievement.
  • Parents/guardians, families, and the community are our partners.
  • Education is the key to economic advancement. Poverty can, and will, be eliminated through advanced education of our population.