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Administration Staff Directory

Last Updated: 11/4/2020 4:14 PM


Superintendent of Schools

NAME                                        TITLE Phone EMAIL
Stephanie M. Cann, Ed.S. Superintendent 618.451.5800 stephanie.cann@gcsd9.net
Cory Ervay Executive Secretary 618.451.5800 cory.ervay@gcsd9.net


NAME                            TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Chris Mitchell Manager 618.451.5800 - Ext. 2019 chris.mitchell.gcsd9.net

Educational Operations and AEP

NAME                                     TITLE PHONE  EMAIL
Dr. David Keel Executive Director 618.451.5800 - Ext. 2006 david.keel@gcsd9.net
Lisa Shemwell Secretary 618.451.5800 - Ext. 2007 lisa.shemwell@gcsd9.net

Facilities Management

NAME                                    TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Leroy Metzger Interim Supervisor 618.451.5800 leroy.metzger@gcsd9.net
Regina Bright Secretary 618.451.5800 regina.bright@gcsd9.net


NAME                                                TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Zack Suhre, CSBO Director 618.451.5800 zack.suhre@gcsd9.net
Sherrie Lisson Executive Secretary, Payroll 618.451.5800 sherrie.lisson@gcsd9.net
Nichole Vaughn Executive Secretary, Bookeeper 618.451.5800 nichole.vaughn@gcsd9.net
Susie Mainridge Secretary 618.451.5800 susie.mainridge@gcsd9.net

Food Services

NAME                                 TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Chris McCullough Supervisor 618.451.5800 chris.mccullough@gcsd9.net
Tracey Moore Secretary 618.451.5800 tracy.moore@gcsd9.net

Human Resources and Recruitment

NAME                                         TITLE  PHONE EMAIL
Jim Parker Executive Director 618.451.5800 jim.parker@gcsd9.net
Lisa Cockrum Executive Secretary 618.451.5800 lisa.cockrum@gcsd9.net
Stephanie Schleper Executive Secretary 618.451.5800 stephanie.schleper@gcsd9.net

Information Systems/Student Services/Enrollment

NAME                             TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Brad Ervay Director 618.451.5800 brad.ervay@gcsd9.net
Carrie Wallace Secretary 618.451.5800 carrie.wallace@gcsd9.net
Laura Bridick Secretary 618.451.5800 laura.bridick@gcsd9.net
Erin Kincy Secretary 618.451.5800 erin.kincy@gcsd9.net

K - 12 Professional Development/Curriculum

NAME                                            TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Kristen Novacich-Koberna Executive Director 618.451.5800 kristen.novacich-koberna@gcsd9.net
Cheryl Muzzarelli Secretary 618.451.5800 cheryl.muzzarelli@gcsd9.net

Special Education/Region I

NAME                                     TITLE PHONE  EMAIL
Micki Watkins Executive Director 618.451.5800 micki.watkins@gcsd9.net
Jill Relleke Supervisor 618.451.5800 jill.relleke@gcsd9.net
Stephanie Boyer Coordinator 618.451.5800 stephanie.boyer@gcsd9.net
Tracy Whitecotton Secretary 618.451.5800 tracy.whitecotton@gcsd9.net
Stacie Griggs Bookkeeper 618.451.5800 stacie.griggs@gcsd9.net
Holly Kutosky Records Secretary 618.451.5800 holly.kutosky@gcsd9.net
Kristina Sarich Records Secretary 618.451.5800 kristina.sarich@gcsd9.net


NAME                                         TITLE PHONE  EMAIL
Brad Smith Director 618.451.5800 brad.smith@gcsd9.net
Beth Paule Systems Engineer 618.451.5800 beth.paule@gcsd9.net
Zane Potter Network Engineer 618.451.5800 zane.potter@gcsd9.net
Mike Futhey Computer Support Specialist 618.451.5800 mike.futhey@gcsd9.net
Joe Krieshok Computer Support Specialist 618.451.5800 joe.krieshok@gcsd9.net
Kathy Long AV Secretary  618.451.5800 kathy.long@gcsd9.net