Administration Staff Directory

Last Updated: 9/16/2020 2:32 PM


Superintendent of Schools

NAME                                        TITLE Phone EMAIL
Ms. Stephanie M. Cann, Ed.S. Superintendent 618.451.5800
Cory Ervay Executive Secretary 618.451.5800


NAME                            TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Chris Mitchell Director 618.451.5800 - Ext. 2019

Educational Operations and AEP

NAME                                     TITLE PHONE  EMAIL
Dr. David Keel Executive Director 618.451.5800 - Ext. 2006
Lisa Shemwell Secretary 618.451.5800 - Ext. 2007

Facilities Management

NAME                                    TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Daryl Munger Supervisor 618.451.5800
Leroy Metzger Interim Supervisor 618.451.5800
Regina Bright Secretary 618.451.5800

Finance Office

NAME                                                TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Zack Suhre, CSBO Director 618.451.5800
Sherrie Lisson Executive Secretary, Payroll 618.451.5800
Nichole Vaughn Executive Secretary, Bookeeper 618.451.5800
Susie Mainridge Secretary 618.451.5800

Food Services

NAME                                 TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Chris McCullough Supervisor 618.451.5800
Tracy Moore Secretary 618.451.5800

Human Resources and Recruitment

NAME                                         TITLE  PHONE EMAIL
Jim Parker Executive Director 618.451.5800
Lisa Cockrum Executive Secretary 618.451.5800
Stephanie Schleper Executive Secretary 618.451.5800

Information Systems/Student Services/Enrollment

NAME                             TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Brad Ervay Director 618.451.5800
Carrie Wallace Secretary 618.451.5800
Laura Bridick Secretary 618.451.5800
Erin Kincy Secretary 618.451.5800

K - 12 Professional Development/Curriculum

NAME                                            TITLE PHONE EMAIL
Kristen Novacich-Koberna Executive Director 618.451.5800
Cheryl Muzzarelli Secretary 618.451.5800

Special Education/Region I

NAME                                     TITLE PHONE  EMAIL
Micki Watkins Executive Director 618.451.5800
Jill Relleke Supervisor 618.451.5800
Stephanie Boyer Coordinator 618.451.5800
Tracy Whitecotton Secretary 618.451.5800
Stacie Griggs Bookkeeper 618.451.5800
Holly Kutosky Records Secretary 618.451.5800
Kristina Sarich Records Secretary 618.451.5800


NAME                                         TITLE PHONE  EMAIL
Brad Smith     Director 618.451.5800
Beth Paule Systems Engineer 618.451.5800
Zane Potter Network Engineer 618.451.5800
Mike Futhey Computer Support Specialist 618.451.5800
Joe Krieshok Computer Support Specialist 618.451.5800
Kathy Long AV Secretary  618.451.5800