Message from Superintendent Stephanie M. Cann


January 17, 2023

Dear GCSD9 Families and Staff,

Safety is the number one priority in Granite City Community Unit School District #9. Since returning from winter break, there have been a small number of incidents where students were in possession of items that could potentially be used as weapons. 

Thankfully, the risks were quickly eliminated, and I want to commend the students who reported these incidents to staff. I also applaud the staff and administration for their quick response. Our district staff and administration followed the appropriate policy procedures to neutralize any risk, and we are fortunate to have resolved all of these situations without incident to students or staff. 

We continue to add safety measures to our schools. Last year, we created a new position in the district and named Mr. Tim Moran as the Student Safety Director. Mr. Moran has started a program called, “If you see something, say something.” Across the district, our staff and students are learning about reporting any suspicious activity to keep our schools as safe as possible.

We are dedicated to continual improvement, especially in the area of school safety.  Some of the latest changes initiated by our Student Safety Director and building principals are:

  • Implementation of the “Stay Safe. Speak Up!” App to help promote reporting of potential dangerous situations.

  • Installation of new fencing around some of the schools in the district.

  • New lighting at Grigsby, Prather, Coolidge and Granite City High School

  • New, more visible room numbers in the school hallways and windows to help law enforcement if needed.  

  • Multiple staff trainings related to safety procedures, some involving law enforcement. 

  • Installation of new cameras  in many areas of the district schools. 

  • Implementation of a new Threat Assessment Plan for the district with direct collaboration with local law enforcement. 

Parents and guardians, as partners in your child’s education and as members of the family of Granite City School District #9, I am asking that you please take a moment to discuss this topic with your child. Bringing weapons or objects that resemble weapons will not be tolerated, and severe consequences can result from doing so. 

Objects that can not ever be brought to school:

  • Guns (or lookalikes) 

  • Ammunition

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Knives ~ kitchen knives & tools pocket knives, paring knives, butter knives

  • Household tools ~ hammers, wrenches, etc…

  • Toy weapons ~ nerf guns, BB guns, fake grenades, etc

  • *Any object that can be used as a weapon

Thank you for your help in this matter, and again, thank you to the quick action of our students and staff for diffusing situations without incident.


Stephanie M. Cann, Ed.S.
GCSD9 Superintendent of Schools

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