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Staff are encouraged to
• Be visible, supervise and monitor hallways/entry doors, communicate safety/security items to administration.
• Enforce behaviors consistently and respectfully
• Communicate academic, behavior, and attendance with students and parents; Celebrate success.
• Build positive school climate, relationships with students, be visible and listen to students, expect high standards of character, support students and student activities.

Students are encouraged to
• Become involved with student activities. Maintain good standing with grades and attendance.
• Be respectful and responsible for your actions. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
• Report any safety or security concerns to administration or a teacher. “Report it: Don’t ignore it”
• Follow digital citizenship. Appropriate use of social media – What you say reflects who you are.

Parents are encouraged to
• Monitor student’s social media activity.  Have discussions.
• Report to the school district any safety and security concerns. “Report it: Don’t ignore it”.
• Communicate regularly with your child’s teachers, check grades, attendance, be involved